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 The National Portrait Gallery

 Trafalgar Square, London


  Jo Davies Ceramics at the new Gallery Shop  






  The exhibition Anarchy and Beauty, William Morris and His Legacy opened this October   

  and Jo Davies Ceramics will be available to view and buy throughout the show in the Gallery    

  Shop.  As a renowned contemporary crafts practitioner Jo Davies has been singled out as an    

  example of William Morris' legacy in contemporary times, a group of her design range, as well  

  as a selection of her one-off pieces, will be available to buy.


  In addition the UK Crafts Council has purchased one of Jo Davies' Mona Vases to offer as a

  prize.  The competition will run throughout the exhibition, please see NPG website and in-  

  gallery information for full details.



 16 October 2014 until 11 January 2015


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Jo Davies Ceramics is a porcelain design studio in the heart of Dalston, East London.  Specialising in wheel-thrown and hand-built porcelain, Jo Davies is an established designer-maker. Her work is in collections and homes all over the world and she is currently supported by the UK Crafts Council.


Some places to see Jo Davies Ceramics before Christmas



 Creative Clerkenwell's Christmas Pop-Up

 Craft Central Gallery, 33-35 St John's Square, Clerkenwell, London

 16-23 December


 Jo Davies is a featured designer during this annual Pop-Up event,  

 there will be a fantastic group of independent designers selected by  

 the New York curator responsible for Creative Clerkenwell, Charlene  



 This year we will be presenting new collaborations between designers  

 and Charlene which will be available exclusively at the Christmas  



 We are delighted to be in the large Gallery space at Craft Central this  

 year so there will be maximum Christmas present-purchasing-

 opportunity, right up until the last minute.....