Kiln Firing Service

Jo runs a kiln firing service from her studio in Dalston.  

Plenty of kiln shelves are available so work can be fitted into the kiln in 'layers'.This kiln has a large capacity so please get in touch to discuss the quantity of items that will fit into the kiln. Please note maximum dimensions below:

* Kiln Dimensions 65cm diameter x 65cm height

* Firing Fee: £65

* This includes kiln-loading, kiln-programming and electricity costs.

* Advice regarding appropriate temperatures and types of firing is available for kiln firing service customers  - please only ask for this when you have items that are ready to fire. If you need advice at the beginning of the making process then please consult other resources, such as YouTube, Ceramic Review or your supplier of ceramic materials.

NB Please note that kiln bookings are confirmed by payment in advance and that bulky packaging should be taken away once items are delivered. Unfortunately storage cannot be offered.


Call 07813965667 or email or get in touch via the Form below.

Kiln is based at Studio G6, The Chocolate Factory, Farleigh Place, Dalston, London, N16 7SX.


Kiln Firing Service Terms:

One you have made payment for your firing  this confirms the booking. The date of the firing can be adjusted up to 72 hours ahead but cancellations are not available once the invoice has been paid. Payment secures the firing on the date stated in your invoice, payment is by Bank Transfer.  Please bear in mind that date adjustments are subject to kiln-availability and a definite date should be set in the first instance, postponements should only be made as a last resort.

If a firing is not able to go ahead for any reason that is the fault of the Jo Davies Studio then a refund or postponement will be offered.

Please note that, once a type of kiln-firing has been agreed with the customer, the Jo Davies Studio cannot accept responsibility for ceramic faults where the kiln has fired correctly and no malfunction has occurred. All firing blow-outs, cracks or other faults are not the responsibility of the Jo Davies Studio. This is because these faults are very often caused by issues in the making and drying of the items and we are reliant on what customers tell us to make decisions on the kiln firing that is required. Ceramics has inherent risk within the kiln-firing process and you must be well aware of this when embarking on a project using clay and so contingency plans should be made if working to a deadline. We will always do our best for each of our customers but we will not tolerate abuse if fired ceramics are not as a customer expects and will not be held accountable. 

Payment will be requested for any damage caused to the kiln equipment by glaze run-off, blowouts or other preventable ceramic faults. Please make sure that your work is kiln-ready prior to bringing it to the studio. 

How to make sure your work is kiln-ready: 

Is it dry? Your item should be dry to the touch and, if at room temperature, should not feel cold to touch. If cold then this indicates that the item is still wet. Thick items will take weeks to dry even if they appear to be superficially dry. Very thin items of just a few mm's will dry in a few days.

If using glaze, has it all been wiped from the base of your items? The base should be completely clean of glaze and 2mm up the side of the item to prevent glaze run-off. Please don't ask us to do this for you. Any run-off may result in the loss of a kiln shelf, if this is the case you will be asked to pay for this damage. Glaze should also be of reasonable thickness - excessive thickness can also result in glaze run-off - please refer to the glaze manufacturer for guidance.

For further information about firings, please see our Kiln Firing Service FAQs