Wheel-Throwing Pottery Course - 8 Weeks - Sept-Nov

Wheel-Throwing Pottery Course - 8 Weeks - Sept-Nov


Tuesday Evenings 7-9pm

3 September until 22 October 2019

Maximum 4 students

This is a pure wheel-throwing pottery course that will take you through the fundamentals of the process using stoneware clay. The course has been designed to give you the opportunity to really deepen your knowledge in a supported way. There are very few pure wheel-throwing classes of this length in London, most ceramics courses are generalist and give students very limited time on the wheel. You may have done a taster course and feel that you would like to know more, or you may have done a certain amount of throwing but feel that you have plateaued. Either way, this course will give you the confidence and answers for common difficulties in the early stages of your development, especially as the size of the class is so small - a maximum of 4 people on the course will allow time for the tutor to give you the attention and help you need in this informal and beautiful environment at the Jo Davies Studio set inside the Chocolate Factory workshops.

What you’ll learn:

During the course you will be taught how to create various formal shapes - the cylinder, bowl, bottle and plate shapes. In looking at these shapes you will learn the fundamentals of throwing clay on differing planes - vertical, horizontal, diagonal. You will then learn to turn and gain practice in order to gain more precision and use this part of the process as a creative tool. You will also learn how to make and attach different types of handles.

The purpose of this is so that you have the fundamental tools for personal development once the course is completed.

We will also do some glazing with students but an in depth glazing courses should be sought elsewhere if this is required. The focus of this course is wheel-throwing and turning.

Whilst the course content is set it also has the flexibility with which to respond to individual learning needs. Our greatest concern is that everyone feels that they are making progress and not that we slavishly keep up with an arbitrary schedule.

Please note that the course will be taught by one of the Jo Davies Tutors, if you would like a class with Jo Davies you are able to book a Master Class one to one with Jo.

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Bookings and availability

Purchasing a ticket via this website secures you a place in the class.

Missing a class?

If you are unable to make a class then a catch-up class can be taken up on one of our scheduled Sunday School sessions. However, a maximum of 2 catch-up classes can be taken per course and these must be pre-booked.

Class size and why it’s important:

The Classes at the Jo Davies Studio are some of the smallest wheel-throwing classes available with a maximum 4:1 ratio, student to tutor. The reason for this is so that students can make faster progress with the direct help of their tutor quickly. The classes have been designed by Jo in this way because of Jo’s long experience with students who came to her workshop after going to large wheel-throwing classes where they were often left waiting a long time for a tutor’s attention before being able to move forward. This frustration will never happen in our small classes as the maximum size of a class is 4 students, this means you will make progress faster.  

These classes are intended for adults.

What's included:

  • All materials

  • All tools and equipment are provided

  • Firing and glazing costs are included

  • Tea

Things to consider ahead of the course:

  • You may want to bring your own apron and/or tools. You’re welcome to do this but we do have everything that’s needed as well.

  • Wear clothes you don't mind getting splashed for each session - all materials wash out easily though.

  • We prefer our students to wear trousers or shorts rather than skirts because of the practicalities of throwing at a potter’s wheel (skirts can be a little physically restricting for this activity) but if you’re happy then we’re happy.

  • Arrive with short fingernails - this is very helpful when throwing and long fingernails can really get in the way of your enjoyment of the activity.

  • Please plan your journey to the studio so you can arrive on time. Classes cannot go on beyond the alloted time and we want you to have the maximum amount of enjoyment from the class.

  • The Course will take place at the Jo Davies Studio at the Chocolate Factory, Farleigh Place, London, N16 7SX.   MAP

Cancellation Policy:

Your place on a course can be cancelled by you up to 7 days before the date of the workshop but it will only be possible to refund 50% of your fee, if cancelling after this cut off you will forfeit 100% of your fee. This is because we often have to turn away customers when our class schedule is fully booked and we don’t like to have gaps if we don’t need to as we want to make sure as many people as possible can enjoy a class here at the studio.

If you need to re-schedule your class you are able to do this up to 7 days prior to your booking. Please note this is subject to availability.

Cancellation of a class by the Jo Davies Studio will incur a full refund or postponement of the class according to the preference of the customer.