Tuition from Jo Davies at the Studio in East London

Jo Davies is an experienced tutor in ceramics and offers tuition in her studio for wheel-throwing.  She is considered an expert in her field and, since graduating from her Ceramics degree in 2002, she has taught a wide range of students - from school groups to undergraduate lecturing.  She has a Masters degree from the Royal College of Art and fifteen years of professional practice in ceramics so her advice is sought after by people both looking to begin their interest in wheel-throwing clay and by those who want to take their knowledge further.


Porcelain Wheel-Throwing Workshop at the
Jo Davies Studio

Friday 5 May
Friday 9 June
Saturday 8 July
Full Day workshop 10am to 4:30pm

We are pleased to announce new group classes at the studio. This day-long group class for 5 people will specialise in porcelain and is designed to give you insights into the complexities of working with this clay that is renowned for it's tricky nature. This class is for people who have had some experience of wheel-throwing and are keen to deepen their knowledge. It is also for people who would like to troubleshoot any recurring issues in their wheel-throwing. Overall it will be an opportunity to spend an intensive period of time increasing your skills under Jo's expert guidance. 

£230 per person  
Full Day Workshop includes all teaching, materials and kiln firings with items being glazed and finished for students. All items should be picked up at a later date.
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Wheel-Throwing Lessons for 1 or 2 People

2 Hour Class arranged at the convenience of student and tutor. 

£50p/h inclusive of materials and kiln firing for one student  

£60p/h inclusive of materials and kiln firing for two students

These lessons are designed for beginners, intermediate or advanced learners wanting to improve or learn throwing.

Beginners' first lessons will start with learning to wedge clay, centering on the wheel and making a simple cylinder vessel - the starting point of all functional shapes on the pottery-wheel and move on to more advanced shapes depending on the progress of each student.  Further lessons will progress to other forms, such as cups, bowls, plates and will teach you to turn the bases to finish your items.

Intermediate and Advanced students will be assessed individually for their learning requirements, a lesson can be used to troubleshoot recurring issues. 

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The studio is based at the Chocolate Factory, Farleigh Place, Dalston, East London.