Jo Davies Portrait by Layton Thompson

About Jo Davies

I believe in Making as a vehicle for expression, for the articulation of thoughts that cannot be expressed through language. I discovered this about clay when I was a teenager and knew that it would become a big part of my life quite quickly. A few years later my training in ceramics took me to Bath School of Art and Design, to do a pure Ceramics degree – where I learnt the craftsmanship required to bring my ideas to fruition through gradual, methodical instruction from many leading practitioners. When I moved on to take my Masters at the Royal College of Art the skills I already had were deepened and stretched in this intensive environment.

Since that time I have worked with private clients, companies and institutions at home and abroad -  such as Heals, The National Portrait Gallery, the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, the National Trust and The Cheongju International Craft Competition in South Korea.

Whilst in recent years I exclusively make my own work at the studio, in the early days I worked with artists like Charlotte Hodes and Gavin Turk, either to produce, or advise on, their ideas using ceramics. This gave me a grounding in working closely with people, teaching me the nature and delicacy of creating bespoke items in the studio - the work, patience and care required.

For the last 10 years I have specialised in wheel-throwing porcelain. Porcelain objects are renowned for their beauty and delicacy but, as a maker, it is an amazing material to work with because of its elastic and fluid feel as a clay. These material qualities lend themselves to methods of making not possible with other clays; whilst its qualities after kiln-firing, such as translucency, allow it to glow in strong light. 

All my work is wheel-thrown by me at the studio - the skills needed to work with porcelain in this way are acquired over years so I am the only person able to make my work.  From the smallest cup to a large, unique vessel, every wheel-thrown object I make is always an individual item. Each object  acts as a reflection of the shape of my hands as well as my intentions as a ceramic designer.


Please see classes taught by Jo Davies at her studio in East London here

"Masterclass with Jo Davies" by Layton Thompson with thanks to Ceramic Review Magazine