Tuition at the Jo Davies Studio in East London

Jo Davies is an experienced tutor in ceramics and offers tuition in her studio for wheel-throwing.  She is considered an expert in her field and, since graduating from her Ceramics degree in 2002, she has taught a wide range of students - from school groups to undergraduate lecturing.  She has a Masters degree from the Royal College of Art and fifteen years of professional practice in ceramics so her advice is sought after by people both looking to begin their interest in wheel-throwing clay and by those who want to take their knowledge further. Scroll down for information about group classes and private lessons.


Wheel-Throwing Workshops at the Jo Davies Studio

The Classes at the Jo Davies Studio are some of the smallest wheel-throwing classes available with a maximum 4:1 ratio, student to tutor. The reason for this is so that students can make faster progress with the direct help of their tutor quickly. The classes have been designed by Jo in this way because of Jo’s long experience with students who came to her workshop after going to large wheel-throwing classes where they were often left waiting a long time for a tutor’s attention before being able to move forward. This frustration will never happen in our small classes as the maximum size of a class is 4 students, this means you will make progress faster.  

Beginners’ classes are taught with the help of Jo Davies’ assistant tutors who teach using her methods and philosophy. Master Classes are taught exclusively by Jo.

Hey Clay! at the Jo Davies Studio - 18 May - 12-3pm - Free Event

Free Throw a Pot! sessions at the Jo Davies Studio. These quick-fire sessions will be around 20 minutes long and we will fit in as many fledgling potters as we can through the day but take great care of you while we do! If you have always thought you would like to have a go at throwing but would like to try before you commit to a course or longer class then come over to the studio and have a go. We'll assist you with centering the clay and help you to make a pot of your own. You can then leave your creation with us to fire and glaze for a £5 fee (payable on the day).

The session itself is completely free! However, we would love it if you posted about us on any social media platform - we'll even take a picture of you while you pot so you have a great memento of your time.

These are drop-in sessions at the Jo Davies Studio between 12 and 3pm (last entry 2:30pm) so please arrive early to avoid disappointment.

Over 16’s only


Private Wheel-Throwing Taster Classes for 1 to 4 People (Level: Beginner)

2 Hour Class

These classes can be treated as taster sessions or one-off experiences for up to four people per session at a time that is convenient for you.

This Beginners' lesson will start with learning to wedge clay, centring on the wheel and making a simple cylinder vessel - the starting point of all functional shapes on the pottery-wheel and move on to more advanced shapes depending on the progress of each student.  These classes are taught with the help of Jo’s assistant tutors.

What's Included:
Classes include all teaching, materials and kiln firings with items being glazed and finished for students, if you wish to glaze the items yourself elsewhere then this can be discussed. All items should be picked up at a later date and within 6 months of the class. The price reflects the size of the class, quality of teaching and personal guidance you will receive which, due to the small class size, is better than many overfilled classes. The small class size will allow you to progress more quickly, allowing your tutor to help you quickly and encourage good technique.

One to One Class: £120

Class for two: £140 

Class for three: £160 

Class for four: £180

Saturday Classes:

Classes on Saturday are available to be booked every week at the following times: 9:30-11:30am / 12:30-2:30pm / 3-5pm

Weekday Classes:

Weekday classes for private sessions are available at flexible times, including some evenings, but all are subject to availability.

See further information and purchase a class

Sunday School Wheel-Throwing Taster Sessions (Level: Beginner)

These sessions are bookable by individuals on set dates. The Sunday School is a group class that can be booked by individuals wishing to do a taster session - £50 per person per class with a minimum of 2 people per class and maximum of 4 people per class. Contact the studio for current availability.

Sunday School on the following dates:

26 May, 1-3pm Sold Out

30 June, 1-3pm

14th July 1-3pm

28 July 1-3pm

4th August 1-3pm

1st September 1-3pm

15th September 1-3pm

See more information and book

Build Your Own Wheel-Throwing Course

Build your own short Course of 2 Hour Classes at times that are convenient to you. You can build the number of classes to be 2, 3 or 4 sessions

Up to 4 students

Bookable at flexible times

These classes can be used to help either complete beginners or people further along with their wheel-throwing and in need of some more practice. We can design the classes around your needs or, if you do not have anything specific that you want to tackle then a beginner will achieve the following depending on how many classes you book.

The following is a guide:

2 Classes - wheel-throwing basics, including centering and throwing a cylinder. In the second class you will Turn the pots you have made to really tighten the shape and finish them off properly. This is done by working on the base of the pots by placing them back on the wheel and shaping them with metal tools.

3 Classes - As well as the above there will be additional time to practice your throwing and try bowls in the first two classes, as well as being able to turn everything you have made in the third class.

4 Classes - Even more throwing practice! Extend your skills into trying to throw bottle or narrow necked shapes that can be used as vases as well as turning your pots.

All items made in these classes will be fired and glazed by the studio but if you would like to glaze the items yourself during your classes this should be discussed at the beginning.

Weekday times are flexible but on Saturdays time slots are set with start times: 9:30am / 12:30pm / 3pm. Days and times should be set at the beginning of the Build Your Own course for the best timing of your experience.

See Further information and Prices

Wheel-throwing Course - 8 Weeks

Tuesday Evenings 7-9pm

Starts: Tuesday May 7

Please Note: a half-term break will be taken on 11 June

Maximum 4 students

This is a pure wheel-throwing course that will take you through the fundamentals of the process using stoneware clay. The course has been designed to give you the opportunity to really deepen your knowledge in a supported way. There are very few pure wheel-throwing classes of this length in London, most ceramics courses are generalist and give students very limited time on the wheel. You may have done a taster course and feel that you would like to know more, or you may have done a certain amount of throwing but feel that you have plateaued. Either way, this course will give you the confidence and answers for common difficulties in the early stages of your development, especially as the size of the class is so small - a maximum of 4 people on the course will allow time for the tutor to give you the attention and help you need in this informal and beautiful environment at the Jo Davies Studio set inside the Chocolate Factory workshops.

What you’ll learn:

During the course you will be taught how to create various formal shapes - the cylinder, bowl, bottle and plate shapes. In looking at these shapes you will learn the fundamentals of throwing clay on differing planes - vertical, horizontal, diagonal. You will then learn to turn and gain practice in order to gain more precision and use this part of the process as a creative tool. You will also learn how to make and attach different types of handles.

The purpose of this is so that you have the fundamental tools for personal development once the course is completed.

We will also do some glazing with students but an in depth glazing courses should be sought elsewhere if this is required. The focus of this course is wheel-throwing and turning.

Whilst the course content is set it also has the flexibility with which to respond to individual learning needs. Our greatest concern is that everyone feels that they are making progress and not that we slavishly keep up with an arbitrary schedule.

Please note that the course will be taught by one of the Jo Davies Tutors, if you would like a class with Jo Davies you are able to book a Master Class one to one with Jo.

See further information and book a place

Cost: £385 per person


Master-Classes in wheel-throwing with Jo Davies (Level: Intermediate and above)

2 Hour Class

One to One

£140 per class

These lessons are designed for people who have had some experience of wheel-throwing and wish to improve or tackle particular recurring issues in their throwing such as problems with consistency in centering, pulling up, gaining more height in their pots or generally throwing at a larger scale. Days and times are arranged flexibly but will generally take place on Thursdays and Fridays with some evenings being available.

Intermediate and Advanced students will be asked for their learning requirements by email or over the phone ahead of the class in order to maximise the time with Jo. A single or short series of lessons may be preferred. 

What's Included:
Classes include all teaching, materials and kiln firings with items being glazed and finished for students, if you wish to glaze the items yourself elsewhere then this can be discussed. All items made during the class should be picked up at a later date within 6 months of the class. The price reflects the size of the class, quality of teaching and personal guidance you will receive.

These classes can be booked flexibly with some evening classes available. Please enquire using the contact form below, including a bief description of your learning requirements and possible dates you can attend a class.

Purchase a Master Class with Jo Davies

Booking Process: Get in touch with us at the studio to check availability for a particular date and time using the form at the bottom of the page.

If you have a last-minute request then it may be possible to accommodate you, just ask! or 07813965667

Make an Enquiry via the form or contact details below. Classes can be purcahsed via the webshop

All classes take place at the Jo Davies Studio at The Chocolate Factory, Farleigh Place, London, N16 7SX

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